Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb


Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb“Add one more to the great tradition of American Cherry Bombs! Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb is a clean, crisp, hard apple cider infused with juice from the Montmorency Cherry, (a world-renowned “superfruit” loaded with antioxidants and prized for it’s intense, tart cherry flavor). 100% gluten-free, Julian Hard Cider makes all their hard ciders from the freshest apples in the United States.”

Rating: 3.5/5

Location: Julian, California
ABV: 6.99%

Mindy’s Thoughts: Not too sweet, not too tart, not overly acidic, Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb (or just Cherry Bomb for short) is like Goldilocks a “just right” entry in the flavored cider world. They take a multi-apple blend and add Montmorency cherry juice to give it that tart but sweet cherry flavor. The apple cider itself is well rounded, neutral in a way, and makes a good base for the cherry juice to stand out against.

On a sidenote, there is some complicated history with Julian Hard Cider that I uncovered when I was trying to find their god damn website. At the time of this article being written their website does not exist, and instead shows the worst maintenance page ever when you go to it:

julian-websteI also found that they are in the middle of defending themselves in a lawsuit that would, if successful, make them change their name. While they may have facilities in Julian, California, their parent company is Blue Mountain Cider (headquarted in Oregon) and they don’t really use Julian, California specific apples. Sounds like a bunch of horseshit to me, but people from California are horrific so I’m not really shocked (sorry, not sorry, if you’re from Cali).

What did surprise me is learning about Blue Mountain Cider owning Julian Hard Cider. Blue Mountain’s Cherry is so much better, why didn’t they just relabel it and sell it as Julian? Why create a separate recipe that is inferior? The outcome of the lawsuit is expected any day now, so maybe we’ll see a label or recipe change in the near future. Either way, if you like cherries, I recommend that you pick up a bottle of this while you still can, it’s certainly worth a try.. or two, or three.

Dixon’s Thoughts: While not my favorite cherry apple cider, this is certainly a great cider. It’s well balanced, but a bit tart for my tastes. This is an issue it’s Blue Mountain cousin does not have. It’s very lightly carbonated, and as a result is pretty easy to drink, and while it is a bit tart, the other flavors are all well blended. Not overly sweet or dry, I recommend this for a nice spring/summer porch-sitting session with friends.

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