FYMFB hikes the majestic PNW

FYMFB hikes the majestic PNW

His Favsies: Mindy, scotch, pointing out inconsistencies, Souls Series video games, science, chai coffee, arguing with pseudo-science proponents, puppies, vibram five finger shoes, chopping giant firewood rounds into little pieces, tea (iced and hot), Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax, listening to audio books while walking, funny t-shirts, and being right most of the time.

His Hates: incorrect opinions, shaving, Michael Moore, people pretending to be fictional characters in real life, long lists, bird women, Damon fucking Lindelof, repeating myself, fixing physical computer parts.

Her Favsies: juice, alcohol that convincingly tastes like juice, my tinydog, listening to vinyl records while laying on the floor in the dark, classic porn, astronomy and all things Space related, puzzles, tacos, farmer’s markets and locally sourced food in general, simulation video games (RTS or regular Sim, think Civilization, The Sims, Harvest Moon, etc), solitary outdoor experiences with friends, incense, parody porn, reading, thrift shopping, pizza, fireplaces, and putting my bare skin in bodies of water.

Her Hates: anything that tastes remotely like beer, rude people, killing animals especially for food production, feet prisons (aka shoes), gin, the squicky feeling of freshly cleaned glass, and any media involving shit, piss, Ron Jeremy’s asshole, rape, or douching.

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