The Missing Link Roundup


In honor of the Solar Dynamic Observatory’s (SDO) fifth anniversary, NASA has released a video showcasing highlights from the last five years of sun watching. It features giant clouds of solar material hurled out into space, giant loops hovering in the corona, and huge sunspots growing and shrinking on the sun’s surface, among many, many other amazing moments. — Youtube/NASA

The science community has been pushing to go to Saturn’s moon Titan for years, so NASA recently discussed how we might be able to explore a planet that is mostly liquid. Solution? Send a badass submarine 886 million miles from Earth to Titan. — i09

The Curiosity rover recently took a composite selfie on Mars, giving us a very cool panorama view of the Martian landscape. There is also an annotated version on this page which points out where Curiosity has been recently, in the background of the photo. — NASA JPL

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