Hood Canal Vacation


15685_10152496781474681_2102268827827751149_n There is not a blog entry this week because FYMFB is on vacation in the Hood Canal area of Washington/the Puget Sound! To celebrate our precious time away, I wanted to share a couple of photos from last summer’s camping trip to the same area.


We stayed at the Scenic Beach State Park campgrounds outside of Seabeck, Washington. The park itself was nice, clean, definitely well maintained, and was only marginally populated at the time we went (late August). The tent camping sites are secluded enough that you cannot see or often times hear your neighbors, unless they are very loud. Our amazing laserdog Kira had a great time camping with us as well! My only real complaint about the entire camping experience was that the tent camping sites were a bit on the expensive end at ~$40/night, which is nearly the cost of a hotel room.


It was a wonderful trip, my first time really spending time in the Hood Canal area, which is home to some of the warmest salt water beaches in Washington State! We are not camping this time around, as it’s January and fucking cold, but instead are staying in a cabin near Union, Washington which is a bit south of Seabeck.

We will resume our normal posting schedule later this week, so check back soon for new content, and next week for a new porn review!

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