The Missing Link Roundup




Princeton University Press has recently published more than 5000 original Einstein documents, in both their original language and English. This collection includes all of his scientific papers as well as many personal correspondences. – Princeton University

Out of Brookhaven, a fascinating article on particle beam cancer therapy that covers recent developments and challenges in the field. Will the US get a state-of-the-art Carbon Therapy facility? Follow the money. – Brookhaven National Lab

CERN announces that it has successfully filled the LHC with liquid helium, an important milestone in the road to bringing it online in early 2015. Hit the link for the official announcement and a great summer-blockbuster style announcement video. – CERN

Finally, Professor Sabine Hossenfelder of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics discusses a paper by Burrage, Copeland and Hinds that suggests looking for Dark Energy on the atomic level  by observing the gravitational attractions of atoms. – BackReaction

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